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  • 6 Apr. Great to see the ABS, government departments and other agencies opening up datasets to inform public policy development, program evaluation and community analysis. Good evidence improves decision-making and outcomes for everyone.

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ICT Industry Survey
Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources
2006 to 2015

From October 2006 to April 2015 I & J Management Services conducted six monthly and then annual surveys of the Victorian ICT industry. The surveys gathered information on key industry metrics employment, revenue, exports and information on the profile of the industry, profitability, factors influencing industry growth, access to skills, and research and development.

Fact sheets containing the key survey findings are published on the Departmental website.


Victorian Public Libraries Annual Survey

Public Libraries Victoria Network

2014 ongoing


Since 2014 I & J Management Services has administered and analysed the Victorian public libraries’ annual statistical survey and prepared a comparative performance indicator report on behalf of the Public Libraries Victoria Network. The analysis tracks the performance of Victoria’s public library sector against 10 key indicators related to library membership, program participation, collection quality and turnover, staffing, cost efficiency and user satisfaction.


Library data and written reports are published on the PLVN website.


Performance Enhancement Process

BHP Billiton

2010 ongoing


Since 2010 I & J Management Services has provided annual assistance to BHP Billiton to analyse and report on the company’s global performance management processes. The statistical reports enable leaders across the business to track participation in and the effectiveness of performance management activities including goal setting, reviews and monitoring of KPIs.


Enhanced Maternal and Child Health and Key Ages and Stages Reporting
Department of Education and Training
2011 ongoing


Since 2011 I & J Management Services has produced quarterly and annual statistical reports for the Department of Education and Training in relation to provision of maternal and child health services. This includes statewide, regional and LGA-level reports on enhanced MCH service delivery, uptake and outcomes, and on key ages and stages development.


Victorian Building Commission


I & J Management Services developed a comprehensive analytical framework to support the Commission's Industry Outcomes Measurement strategy. Through consultation with industry stakeholders the project identified and documented the information required to monitor the quality of building, the attractiveness of the industry to participants, consumer satisfaction and the Commission's leadership role.


The pulseo website was launched in 2003. It was a building industry reporting tool, with data, analysis and expert commentary on Victoria's building industry. pulseo provided qualitative and quantitative information to measure the building industry's performance. The site enhanced decision-making across the industry, and was free for all to use. The website captured 100 data measures on the Victorian building industry. Users could view building industry data, create their own reports and download published statistical and research reports produced by the Commission.


After 10 years in operation the pulseo website closed in 2013 with the establishment of the Victorian Building Authority.


Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) statistics
2002 ongoing

Having previously worked in government to establish evidence-based approaches to prevention of workplace injury and illness, from 2002 Ian Phillips of I & J Management Services has provided ongoing advice to a number of major corporates in the analysis of their OHS performance, executive reporting of OHS, and design of OHS data collection and analysis systems. This has included specification of data requirements for corporate OHS systems, production of monthly Board reports, advice on classification of lost time injuries and calculation of LTIFR, and audits of OHS data infrastructure in international operations. Current clients include: ANZ, Telstra, Bupa.


E-learning Benchmarking Surveys
Australian Flexible Learning Framework
2005 to 2013


In 2004 I & J Management Services worked with the national Flexible Learning Advisory Group to define a set of performance indicators to measure the uptake, use and impact of e-learning in the national vocational education and training (VET) system. From 2005 to 2013 we conducted annual surveys of registered training organisations (RTOs), VET students, VET teachers and trainers, and employers with employees undertaking accredited training.


The surveys tracked the exponential growth in the uptake of e-learning and provided valuable information to support policy and program development at national and state/territory level to:enable the national training system to provide more flexible learner-centred training; encourage and support RTOs to provide more flexible training; and enhance professional learning programs for teachers and trainers. We also have provided ongoing statistical and research advice to FLAG and developed survey and analysis tools to support individual RTOs with their e-learning benchmarking activities.