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  • 6 Apr. Great to see the ABS, government departments and other agencies opening up datasets to inform public policy development, program evaluation and community analysis. Good evidence improves decision-making and outcomes for everyone.

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Primary Mathematics and Science Specialist Initiative
Department of Education and Training
2014 – 2015

I & J Management Services evaluated the Department’s Primary Mathematics and Science Specialist initiative (Cohort 2) during 2014 and 2015. The initiative provided 100 specialists in mathematics or science in 59 schools across the state. The aim of the specialists was to raise the capacity of teachers in the teaching of mathematics or science and to increase student engagement and enthusiasm and learning outcomes. The evaluation worked with the specialists in the schools, principals and teachers to determine the impact of the initiative on the teachers and students involved, and also analysed and reported on the impact of enhanced pedagogical approaches on student learning through analysis of a range of student learning data.   


School Improvement Partnerships
Department of Education and Training
In 2014

I & J Management Services evaluated the implementation of 43 school improvement partnerships across Victoria in which government schools worked with up to 10 other schools (usually 2-3 partner schools) on improvement projects of their choosing. The evaluation involved surveys of school leaders and project participants, as well as visits to lead schools. The evaluation highlighted the critical elements of effective school partnerships focused on improving student outcomes, teaching practice, school capability and culture and/or school processes.   


Languages Teaching Scholarships
Department of Education and Training
2012 – 2016

Over four years I & J Management Services has tracked the implementation of the Department’s Languages Teaching Scholarships program, which has provided funding to currently employed teachers, aspiring teachers and undergraduates to enable them to access and complete higher qualifications studies in languages and/or teaching methodologies. In addition to evaluating the factors which have contributed to the scholarships holders successfully completing their studies and gaining employment as languages teachers in schools, the evaluation has also monitored changes in the uptake of languages teaching in schools – by language and by school type.   

School Performance Framework
Department of Education and Training
2014 – 2015

In 2014 and 2015 I & J Management Services worked with the Department to examine the rollout of the School Performance Framework, including the conduct of Peer Reviews of school performance and external reviewer-assisted Priority Reviews of lower performing schools. The evaluation identified the factors which contributed to or inhibited the effectiveness of the school review process and ways in which the Department, through central guidance and regionally managed school support, could most effectively enable schools to identify and address improvement opportunities.   

Gifted and Talented Education
Department of Education and Training
2013 – 2015

 I & J Management Services has undertaken a number of program evaluations for the Department focused on gifted and talented education. These include an evaluation of the Select Entry and Accelerated Learning (SEAL) program and the Select Entry High Schools Outreach and Mentoring program. I & J Management Services has also assisted in the development of guidance material to support parents and students in understanding and accessing different education and extension options in Victorian schools.   Early Childhood Education and Care Scholarships Department of Education and Training 2015 I & J Management Services evaluated the Early Childhood Education and Care Scholarships Program. The program provides scholarships to support people to undertake further study in the area of Early Childhood. I & J Management Services captured evidence of the impact on individual recipients, their workplace and the children in their care. The evaluation examined four specific areas of inquiry: 

  • scholarship experience (and the extent to which the program encouraged educators to pursue further study and enhance their professional qualifications)
  • perceived course quality (and the impact of further study on professional practice)
  • participation in other workforce programs (including awareness of and engagement with other workforce development opportunities)
  • changes in professional practice (and ultimately the flow through effect to quality educational outcomes).

Pre-training Assessment
Department of Education and Training 
I & J Management Services evaluated pre-training review processes for students accessing Foundation Skills training in the vocational education and training sector to examine:  
  • why training providers conduct pre-training reviews
  • what providers’ current pre-training review processes look like
  • whether providers’ pre-training review processes are consistent with or vary from the guidelines used to assess applications for inclusion on the Department’s Approved Provider List
  • potential improvements to pre-training review processes.

Family Learning Partnerships
Department of Education and Training

Over the twelve months from October 2014 to September 2015 the Adult, Community and Further Education Board (ACFE) Board supported a trial of Family Learning Partnerships (FLP) in 17 Learn Local organisations across Victoria – the first large-scale implementation of a family learning initiative in Australia. The trials encouraged and supported parents with limited prior access to education to start new learning journeys, learn new skills, gain a qualification and develop pathways to further learning and employment. A flow-on benefit sought through the trials was to change the culture of learning and the aspirations of participating families.   The evaluation assessed the success of the project, and considered impacts and outcomes for parents, families, and the participating Learn Local organisations and their partners. Specifically, the evaluation examined the effectiveness of the ‘Community of Practice’ project support model which was designed to assist the Learn Local organisations to collaborate and build the capacity required to successfully implement the FLPs.

Youth Partnerships
Department of Education and Training
2012 – 2014
Youth Partnerships was a whole of Victorian government initiative designed to test new ways for service providers to work more collaboratively to support vulnerable young people aged 10 to 18 years. The initiative, led by the Department of Education and Training and the Department of Human Services, was launched in August 2010. The initiative’s two key goals were to improve engagement in education and training, and to reduce the escalation of social, individual and behavioural problems for vulnerable young people. A place-based approach involving 25 projects in LGA clusters in seven demonstration sites across Victoria, the initiative sought to enhance outcomes for vulnerable young people and encourage longer term improvements in the wider service system.   Evaluation of projects at the demonstration sites, as well as social network analysis in three sites, provided crucial lessons for future development and implementation of strategic and sustainable collaborative approaches that improve access to services and education for vulnerable young people across the state.

Energising Science and Mathematics Education in Victoria
Department of Education and Training
2010 - 2012
I & J Management Services evaluated the Energising Science and Mathematics Education in Victoria strategy from 2010 to 2012. The strategy aimed to raise the level of science and mathematics achievement of Victorian students, increase student interest in science and mathematics and encourage students to pursue science and mathematics related careers. The three year formative and summative evaluation examined and reported on initiatives designed to enhance infrastructure, strategic partnerships, workforce capacity and curriculum resources to support improved achievement in science and mathematics. It also tracked data on student achievement in science and mathematics, students’ subject and course choices. and students’ post-school pathways.   

Extended School Hubs
Department of Education and Training

2010 – 2013 
Through National Partnerships funding the Department piloted development of extended school hubs in four areas of relative social disadvantage North Geelong, Frankston North, Wyndham and Sandhurst. The Hub model aimed to bring local schools into partnerships with one another and with government, business and community organisations, parents and volunteers to provide children with a better learning environment and better learning opportunities. From 2010 to 2013 I & J Management Services evaluated the pilots through a formative and summative evaluation process that included analysis of school, student and community data, community consultation, strategic network analysis, and comparison of outcomes and partnerships in Hubs schools with similar schools that did not have a Hubs model.   
Australian Government Quality Teacher Programme Longitudinal Evaluation
Department of Education and Training
2006 to 2009
I & J Management Services conducted a four year longitudinal evaluation of the Department’s AGQTP projects, which delivered a range of centrally and regionally managed leadership and teacher professional learning programs including: 
  • Regional Grants (more than 100 school/cluster-based professional learning programs each year)
  • School Improvement (10-30 professional learning programs each year)
  • Building the Capacity of School Leadership Teams
  • Building the Capacity of Professional Learning Leaders
  • Building the Capacity of Principals in Small Schools
  • Leading for Learning
  • Building Whole School Approaches to Supporting Students with Additional Learning Needs
  • Evaluating the Impact of Professional Learning.
 Over four years the AGQTP project provided over 21,000 professional learning opportunities to teachers from 90% of Victorian government schools. The evaluation established solid relationships with central and regional office personnel and relevant contractors to put in place processes for efficient evaluation of leadership and teacher professional development activities. We facilitated program reporting and provided practical guidance on the evaluation for central office and school-based program leaders and participants. We attended and observed selected professional development activities, conducted evaluation surveys, interviewed key stakeholders, and produced periodic reports on participation, program impact on teacher knowledge, skills and practice, and project implementation.   Evaluations of education projects
Department of Education and Training

2007 ongoing Over many years I & J Management Services has undertaken a range of small-scale program evaluations for the Department of Education and Training. These include: 
  • Overseas Study Program
  • Students at Risk Mapping Tool
  • National Gallery of Victoria Floating World 
  • Next Practice and Knowledge Transfer programs
  • Virtual Classroom
  • Virtual Conference Centre
  • Learning On Line Cybersafety
  • Education Support Grants for Professional Learning
  • Leading Practice Schools Field Trial
  • Wider Workforce Field Trials
  • FUSE
  • KnowledgeBank
  • Innovating with Technologies Field Trials
  • Teacher Professional Leave
  • Beginning Teachers
  • Secondary Teacher Assistants.

Evaluations of education projects
Catholic Education Office Melbourne

2006 ongoing 
Over many years I & J Management Services has undertaken a number of program evaluations and data analysis projects for the Catholic Education Office. These include: 
  • Literacy and Numeracy Evaluation Framework
  • National Partnerships Evaluation Framework
  • AGQTP Longitudinal Analysis 2006 to 2009
  • Integrated Professional Learning System
  • Change2
  • Family School Partnerships
  • Performance and Development Grants.

Anti-bullying and Behaviour Management
Department of Education and Training
2006 – 2015

Over many years I & J Management Services has undertaken a number of program evaluations for the Victorian Department of Education and Training and for the Federal education Department on bullying prevention and behaviour management. These include: 
  • National Safe Schools Week
  • Managing Challenging Behaviours
  • Bully Stopper Grants
  • Bully Stoppers Initiative.

Agricultural Reviews
Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning 
2005 – 2014 

Over many years I & J Management Services has undertaken a number of program evaluations for the Victorian Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning. These program evaluations include: 
  • Victorian Young Farmers – Structure and Viability
  • Victorian Young Farmers – Governance
  • Fox On the Run
  • Agricultural Education
  • Food and Fibre Careers Officer
  • Strategic Market Analysis.